Bomak Machinery Manufacturing Ltd. Co. Adana was established in 1996 as a manufacturer and a contractor to provide machinery and equipment for domestic and international industrial companies in different sectors.
BOTANK (en.botank.com.tr) is the registered "Tank Fabrication" brand , BO-X (en.bo-x.com.tr) is the registered "Heat Exchanger" fabrication brand of BOMAK.
BOMAK has been approved by Ministery of Science and Technology of Turkey as the 129. Design Center of Turkey. BODESIGN (bodesign.com.tr/en) brand is registered for BOMAK Design Center.
BOVARES (bovares.com.tr/en) is the registered brand for BOMAK Vapor Recovery Systems.
BOMAK has successfully completed the installation, piping, tank and equipment fabrication projects for the leading companies of the world and Turkey (SIEMENS, SABIC, MEY DIAGEO, EON ENERJISA PETKİM, TEKFEN, CATERPILLAR, BP, BTC, HABAŞ, ZORLU, CENAL ENERGY, PEPSİ, AYGAZ, ERDEMİR GROUP, ENERJISA,AKSA ACYRLIC, ZIEMANN, MANTRAC,SISECAM, SASA etc.) since 1996.
BOMAK , with more than 22 years of accumulated knowledge, its strong engineering staff, and quality infrastructure (EN 3834-2 Welding Quality Assurance, 9001,14001,18001 Quality Assurance Systems) aims to become one of the significant Technological Equipment Manufacturers in the world with BOTANK and BO-X brands.
ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance System has been implemented at BOMAK since 2006. ISO 9001:2015 revisions are being carried out.
ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System and ISO OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety System have been applied recently and BOMAK was certified accordingly in 2014.
These certifications underline BOMAK's reputation for high quality, commitment, value for money and efficiency in the engineering contracting field.
BOMAK increased its total fabrication area to 4.500m2 due to increased demand to its services.
These services include;
Heat Exchangers Fabrication and Installation
Pressure Vessels (C/S and S/S -Alloy material) Fabrication and Installation
Chemical/Liquid/Fuel Process Tanks with or without Heating and Insulation
Fabrication and Installation
Process Piping (C/S and S/S material) Installation
Engineering and/or Contracting Turn-Key Projects
Fire Detection and Fighting Systems' Design and Installation
BOMAK Ltd. Co. has realized many important projects for international and national distinguished companies such as:
BOMAK Ltd. Co.- with its highly qualified team- is ready to share its technical capability and knowhow for manufacturing and installation of general machinery and metal structures.

BOTANK is the 'Tank Fabrication' brand of BOMAK

BO-X is the 'Heat Exchanger' fabrication brand of BOMAK

BODESIGN is the brand BOMAK registered for 'BOMAK Design Center'

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BOMAK Makina provides optium solutions for industrial investment requirements. Since 1996, BOMAK has been fabricating Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Alloy Steel Vessels and Equipments. Some of the solutions we provide are listed below: